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Plasters for cuts and abrasions

Flexible soft fabric dressing plasters are designed for the treatment of minor cuts and abrasions of the skin. They can also be used to support dressings and attach medical aids. Each of the available products adapts perfectly to the natural contours of the body, allowing full freedom of movement.

Protection of abrasions and cuts from contamination

A plaster stuck to the surface of the skin effectively protects it from pathogenic microorganisms and various types of dirt. Such products are particularly suitable for the treatment of wounds and abrasions on the elbows, knees and other joints. In addition to classic plasters, we also offer a wide range of waterproof products that are resistant to water and remain in place even on moist skin. Each of the plasters has a special non-woven backing with special micropores, which ensure high permeability and allow the skin to breathe freely.