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Wondering how to decontaminate your skin before an injection? The preparations and skin disinfectants offered by our Medbasic shop are a solution for beauty salons, wellness parlours, tattoo studios and all places where it is important to maintain proper hygiene procedures. Disinfecting the skin before procedures is an essential part of safely performing aesthetic medicine treatments, skin care procedures, tattooing and permanent make-up. Skin disinfection and its rigorous application make it possible to carry out each of the above-mentioned procedures in a sterile and safe manner, without the risk of infection that could entail the loss of life or health.

Disinfection of the skin before cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic services and beauty treatments must be carried out with attention to the highest hygiene standards. No professional salon should be without products such as skin disinfectant fluids. For what purpose are they used? Antiseptics effectively and rapidly destroy micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria or viruses that could enter the patient's or cosmetologist's body during treatment. The preparation must be applied to the skin according to the manufacturer's strict rules - all so that the applied agent has sufficient time to work effectively on the skin surface before the treatment is performed.

With what to disinfect the skin before an injection?

Many people wonder what to disinfect the skin with before an injection? No one needs to be told why it is necessary to disinfect the skin before an injection. Every cosmetologist is well aware that any break in the continuity of the skin carries the risk of infection - and the situation is no different when it comes to injections, which is why disinfection before injection is so important. Injections and injections in the cosmetic industry are performed for a variety of purposes - administering anaesthetics, fillers or moisturisers into the skin. In order to be able to perform injections in complete safety, it is important to stock up on effective, antiseptic skin disinfectants, which our medical wholesaler offers. 

Disposable alcohol-containing swabs for skin disinfection

Pre-injection swabs are a medical device designed to disinfect the skin prior to injections. The presented skin disinfection wipes have been soaked in isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 70%, which allows effective neutralisation of all harmful pathogens that could enter the body with a skin puncture. The product has very good disinfectant properties and exhibits a broad spectrum of bactericidal and fungicidal activity.

Swabs for skin decontamination - for whom?

The use of disposable alcohol skin disinfection wipes is wide, but they are particularly recommended for people taking injections and diabetics. Thanks to the disinfecting swabs, it is possible to quickly and effectively disinfect and clean the skin before injections (drug injections) or before measuring blood sugar levels with a finger meter. Disinfection swabs with alcohol can also be used as an antiseptic to clean the skin before taking blood samples or performing minor cosmetic procedures that require skin decontamination.

How to use alcohol-soaked pre-injection swabs?

Using the swabs to decontaminate the skin prior to injection is extremely easy. Simply remove a single swab from the collection box, rip the sterile sachet and extract the alcohol-soaked tissue. Then, clean the skin surface with the swab in the area where the injection/measurement/procedure will be performed and discard it after use.