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We offer a wide selection of medical syringes available in various capacities. The assortment includes disposable syringes, diabetic syringes, syringes for catheters and three-part syringes, intended for infusion pumps.

Syringes from this category are designed for medical personnel to draw blood or inject medicines. They are available both 2- and 3-part syringes, precision syringes - tuberculin syringes - with very detailed scale as well as catheter syringes and syringes for infusion pumps, which are characterized by higher capacity, even up to 150 ml. The syringes are sterile, safe and comfortable to use. Capacities start from 1 ml.

Disposable syringe

The standard disposable syringe is either a 2-part or a 3-part syringe. The 2-Part Disposable Syringe consists of a transparent cylinder and plunger and is available in different capacities in ml, generally starting at 2 ml or 5 ml. The 2-part single-use syringe is universally applicable in the medical setting and perfectly suited e.g. for medication administration.

The 3-part disposable syringe is additionally equipped with a rubber gasket at the bottom of the plunger that enables extremely smooth operation and very accurate dosing of even the smallest amounts starting from 0.2 ml. When choosing a product, it is not only important whether it is a 2-part or 3-part syringe, but also the selection of the right tip. In addition to syringes with a Luer tip where the needles are inserted into the cone, there are also syringes with a Luer Lock tip where the needles are screwed onto the cone.

What is the difference between 3-piece and 2-piece syringes?

Two-piece syringes consist of a liquid container, plunger, and syringe, whereas three-piece syringes have an additional plunger that minimizes pain during the puncture. For this reason, three-piece syringes are most commonly used to puncture children and animals.

Are syringes with fixed needles available?

Yes, syringes with disposable needles are available in the Medbasic store. Syringe with a needle in one package is convenient and precise in use, the plunger and cylinder are designed to ensure that the full dose of the product is administered. By choosing an injection set, the patient minimizes to zero the risk of mis-matching the needle size to the syringe.

Are all syringes single-use?

General medicine, unlike veterinary medicine, uses disposable syringes.

How do I remove air from the syringe?

After taking the medicine into the syringe, check the cylinder for air bubbles. To remove air bubbles, simply lift the syringe with the needle up and snap it a few times. This will ensure that the dose of medicine being administered is correct.

Where to buy syringes?

Syringes are purchased from medical supply shops. At Medbasic, we offer a wide range of 2-part and 3-part syringes, as well as syringes with needles included and syringes with a catheter tip.