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Shop our range of syringes and needle packs. Including packs designed for 10, 20 and 42 week cycles, our needles and syringes are EU and CE certified and offer a smooth and accurate delivery. Presented in sterile packaging, each needle and syringe is made to the highest quality. Including Luer Slip syringes, swabs and sterile needles.

Order medical syringe and needle kits with discreet and fast delivery!
All syringes and needles packs that we send are carefully packed in discreet boxes with no emblems or logos on them.

High quality needles and syringes
Needles and syringes we offer have been manufactured by proven and reputable companies such as: Becton Dickinson (BD), Terumo and Unisharp (ExchangeSupplies).
The high quality of these products allows for painless subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.

Needles suitable for any type of syringe
All needles in our offer are detachable and fit any type of syringe - luer slip and luer lock. BD Microlance 3 injection needles are the most popular, considered by many to be the sharpest, allowing for painless injections, which is why our sets of needles and syringes are mainly based on Becton Dickinson products.

Custom needles and syringes packs
Our offer includes ready-made sets of needles and syringes, prepared especially for the customer's needs. We offer kits containing blue needles for deep intramuscular injection or kits containing orange needles for injection of vit B12.
In our store you will also find a set of needles and syringes that you can create according to your needs - you can choose the color and size of needles, syringes and the size of the needle container.