Nitrile Gloves Medical Grade Cat III PPE Small x 100

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Medipro medical nitrile gloves are a product designed to protect hands during diagnostic work. They are made of durable material that resists easy tearing. The gloves are of protection category III where there is a risk of serious injury. These gloves are used when there is a risk of serious and/or permanent damage to the hands, e.g. in high voltage work, work with (highly aggressive) chemicals, etc.

Made of synthetic rubber, they have no latex proteins and do not cause irritation, benefiting the comfort of sensitive people. The nitrile type is gaining popularity due to its hypoallergenic properties, greater resistance to abrasion, perforation and other mechanical damage, and resistance to grease and harmful chemicals. They have a rolled edge and are textured at the fingertips, which greatly facilitates grip while reducing hand fatigue. Their inner surface is powder-free and chlorinated, they do not contain harmful chemical gas pedals - thiurams.

Using gloves significantly reduces the risk of infection, although this is dependent on the gloves being put on and worn correctly - damaged gloves do not provide protection.

They can be used in a wide variety of individual, service and industrial applications such as hairdressing salons, beauty salons, tattoo and piercing studios. However, it is most widely used in medicine, i.e. diagnostics, conducting laboratory and medical tests, in specialist medical and therapeutic surgeries, medical rescue or post-operative care and nursing.

  • Latex Free
  • Powder Free
  • Single use
  • Ambidextrous