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There are many pollutants, dust particles and harmful volatile compounds in the air. There are also viral particles, which are secreted when infected people sneeze or cough. All droplet-transmitted diseases are difficult to control, as they are very easily transmitted and at every step we are exposed to pathogens that can easily enter our body. So how do we protect ourselves properly? The best solution is protective masks. They are a good barrier for our respiratory system. By covering our nose and mouth, they block access to harmful compounds, but also prevent dirty hands from touching our face. Unfortunately, our hands are the main vector of germs, because when they come into contact with different surfaces and objects, they also carry the bacteria on them.


Protective face masks can be either disposable or reusable. It all depends on the material they are made of. The most common non-woven masks are simple in design and easy to wear, but must be discarded after use. Cotton masks are much more practical as they only need to be washed at a high temperature to be reused. It is also good to disinfect them by boiling them in boiling water or ironing them with an iron on the highest power. If you want more effective protection, it is worth getting models with additional filters. An example of this are anti-smog face masks. They are more frequently used by residents of larger cities, which have to cope with high air pollution. They are a lifesaver in winter, but provide excellent protection all year round. The N99 filter contained in them captures 99.9% of harmful particles (PM2.5 and PM10), dust, fumes and tobacco smoke, blocking their entry into our respiratory system. However, it should be changed regularly so that their effectiveness is still at a high level. Protective face masks should be used by sick people who carry infections, in order to reduce the spread of harmful particles. This is an important issue, especially in public places such as doctor's surgeries, public transport or offices and shops.