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Surface disinfection with disinfectant wipes is efficient, economical and facilitates the application of the product on surfaces that are difficult to access with spray. The wipes do not fray and are sold in functional containers from which the disinfecting substance does not evaporate. According to recent studies, they are used more frequently because of their ease of use, which saves time.

Contaminated surfaces always carry the risk of transmitting pathogenic microorganisms to others. The frail, elderly, children and anyone working in a high-risk area are particularly at risk. Adequate cleaning of surfaces contributes to the reduction of illnesses among staff, patients or guests. It is worth bearing in mind that pathogens can survive on surfaces for long periods of time, even months.

The EN 16615 standard relating to disinfectant wipes highlights their use in:

  • hospitals, medical facilities, dental surgeries, and beauty salons,
  • school clinics, nurseries and crèches, and care homes.

When using surface disinfection wipes, the principle of 'one site, one direction, one use' is important.