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What does a female orgasm look like?

by bartosz zuchowski on April 25, 2020

Female orgasm - statistics

Studies show that only 1/3 of women regularly experience orgasm during sexual intercourse . At the same time, the same part never experiences orgasm. Other women need additional stimulation and stimulation to experience pleasure.

Female orgasm - symptoms

Signs of female pleasure are associated with screams, moans and sighs. However, such a picture is mainly presented in movies and has little to do with reality. Few women experience orgasm in such an intense and "spectacular" way. So what does a female orgasm look like?

Female orgasm can be recognized by the characteristic physiological symptoms

  • fast breathing and heart rate, 
  • chest redness (so-called sexual erythema),
  • facial flushing and general redness of the body, 
  • vaginal cramps,
  • anal sphincter cramps,
  • severe hyperemia of the labia and clitoris,
  • muscle tension,
  • curvature of the body in the shape of an arch.
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Many women, having sex with a partner, are not sure if she experienced orgasm during intercourse. The reason is that each of us reacts to pleasure very differently. Sometimes it can be quite a surprising reaction, such as crying, laughing, aggression or complete indifference. In one woman, the climax is accompanied by rhythmic vaginal or anal spasms or other physiological symptoms, in another - a brief darkening and general bliss. In addition, orgasm can be more or less intense and lasts for a shorter or longer time. Depending on what parts of the body are stimulated (clitoris, vagina, anus, nipples, abdomen), the strength of feeling pleasure can vary.

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How long does orgasm last for women?

In the movies, lovers interact with each other for long hours. In fact, the length of the relationship depends on many factors and lasts from several minutes to several hours. Interestingly:

  • the average length of the relationship is 19 minutes,
  • female orgasm can last 107 seconds, but on average it's 26 seconds.

Some women experience several moments of climax during one close-up - this is the so-called multiple orgasm or they achieve pleasure in only one position. That is why it is so important that partners know their bodies and mutual needs, which will allow them to more easily and pleasantly enjoy the rapprochement.

Clitoral and vaginal orgasm

One of the places responsible for women's orgasm is the clitoris.

There are twice as many nerves in the clitoris than in the male penis. There are as many as 8,000!

Therefore, during clitoral stimulation , women are more ecstatic. Studies have shown that:

  • 60-70% of women achieve orgasm by caressing the clitoris and it is most intense during ovulation,
  • 20-30% of women experience pleasure during vaginal penetration.

Many women use erotic gadgets to feel pleasure. Thanks to this, they learn about their sexual needs and learn their body. Sexologists agree that the highest chances for climax give a woman stimulation of several places at the same time. It should be remembered that achieving the orgasm is also fostered by the appropriate mood and tenderness of the partner. 

Erogenous zones in women

Although many people think that female erogenous zones only include breasts and the clitoris, there are many more. So what erogenous points in women can we distinguish and why should they be known? Stimulation of particularly sensitive places can intensify the experience and help a woman reach orgasm.

Female intimate zones primarily:

  • vagina,
  • clitoris,
  • vulva,
  • anus,
  • rear,
  • inner thighs,
  • bends of the knees and elbows,
  • ears and around the ears,
  • lips,
  • neck,

Which erogenous spots will bring additional pleasure depends on the individual preferences of each woman. Therefore, it is worth directing the partner to individual body parts.

Female orgasm - types

There are 9 types of female orgasm:

  • typical – the peak moment of excitement, which is associated with a feeling of pleasure and is the result of sexual intercourse by stimulating the clitoris and vagina;
  • clitoral – easiest to achieve; is done by stimulating the clitoris, giving it a very intense experience;
  • vaginal – few women experience it; the feeling of pleasure is weaker than with clitoral orgasm;
  • mammary – as the name suggests, it appears as a result of caressing the breasts; it is difficult to achieve because long-term touch can cause a woman pain - this requires the right technique from the partner and the dosing of stimuli; intensity of sensations similar to that of clitoral orgasm;
  • notional (psychogenic) - arises from mental stimulation; does not require touching the body, all you need is erotic fantasy;
  • nightly – achieved during sleep; is associated with high libido and sexual unsaturation, more often it occurs in older women;
  • multiple – only 30% of women can experience multiple orgasms; to do this, the partner must use the appropriate technique; 
  • Tantric – involves the use of tantric techniques, where foreplay lasts about an hour, and its culmination is a very strong and intense orgasm;
  • painful – manifested by a feeling of stinging, burning, tearing at the site of the genitals and pelvis.

How to stimulate female orgasm?

Currently, the english market does not offer a medicine for potency for women - on pharmacy shelves there are only preparations for potency for men. The offer for women includes dietary supplements that support female libido. In their composition they contain herbal substances that contribute to genital congestion, and thus - their increased sensitivity to touch and excitement. These preparations are contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women. People with chronic illnesses should consult a physician before use.