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Condoms - For safety and a pleasant intimate experience!

by bartosz zuchowski on April 25, 2020

The proper use of condoms  helps reduce the risk of getting pregnant as well as getting one of the sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms available in this category allow you to effectively combine pleasure and natural intimate sensations with full security. These products have been designed in such a way as to ensure a tight fit, and thanks to additional moisturizing agents, reduce the unpleasant feeling of vaginal dryness. Ribbed condoms made of the highest quality latex guarantee an increased and even more intense experience for both partners. Available products have been tested electronically to provide even greater level of security.

A condom is probably one of the most-chosen contraceptives in the world. It enjoys popularity not only because of the simplicity of use, price, wide selection, but also greater confidence in securing. There are a lot of condoms on the market, but not all carry the same scale of sensations. You need to look for condoms that are right for you, so that close-up doesn't bring unplanned unpleasantness.

Pasante condoms
Everyone who uses condoms appreciates not only comfort of use but also safety during intercourse. Such products are offered by Pasante, which has been producing contraceptives for 80 years and is constantly improving its products. Not only do they belong to the highest global standards, but also exceed them to some extent, which for many customers is the inspiration to buy such products.

A condom is a larger scale of sensations
If you are looking for condoms that carry more sensations than others on the market, you can safely reach for Pasante condoms. These are products made of the best ingredients, thin latex, hypoallergenic, ended with a reservoir and well moisturized. That's all. And enough for any couple looking for a good condom. They do not contain spermicidal fluid and have a more pleasant aroma due to the use of new technologies. Of course, you can choose the best type of Pasantecondoms for you - classic, for a greater intensity of sensations, longer than the average size, with a fragrance, better adhering to the body, with piping. You can choose a condom of a certain thickness from the offered products - from standard to super-thin. Each of them guarantees not only satisfaction during intercourse, but also security, which is so important for those who decide to have sex using external contraceptives.