20 Week Injection Cycle Pack (Syringes + Orange Needles + Swabs)

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The 20 week Complete Cycle Kit contains:

  • 20 BD orange 25g 0.5 x 1″ (0.5mm x 25mm) needles (for injection )
  • 20 BD green 21g 0.8 x 1 1/2″ (0.8mm x 38mm) needles (for drawing / removing liquid from the vial)
  • 20 BD 2ml syringes
  • 20 pre injection swabs 70% alcohol.

All items are sterile and in individual blister packs EU & CE certified

Please note: Depending on stock availability, may use Unisharp needles, (same size and quality as BD needles)

Will my order be in plain packaging?

We value the privacy of our customers and with our discreet packaging, you can shop needles and syringes with confidence. Packages are shipped in a plain envelope or cardboard box without any stickers to indicate the contents.
There is no name or reference to our shop on the shipping label.