10 x 2ml Sterile Water for Injections

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10 x 2ml ampoules of sterile water for injections. 

This product is pure, sterile, water for injections.

Our water ampoules are a fully licenced medicine – with all the quality control, traceability, recall procedures and documentation that are necessary for any injectable solution.

It is only by having a medicines licence that patient safety can be absolutely guaranteed.

The licence holder for the product is Hameln pharmaceuticals, and the product licence number is: PL 01502/0003R

Will my order be in plain packaging?

We value the privacy of our customers and with our discreet packaging, you can shop sterile water with confidence. Packages are shipped in a plain envelope or cardboard box without any stickers to indicate the contents.
There is no name or reference to our shop on the shipping label.

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